A Baby Looks Exactly Like EXO’s Chen

EXO Chen & Daeul 1
EXO Chen & Daeul

Lee Beom Soo’s son Daeul who looks like EXO’s Chen became a hot issue.

Recently, there were Lee Beom Soo’s son Daeul’s photos that look exactly like EXO’s Chen on various online communities and SNS.

On the revealed photos, Daeul’s big eyes, ears, and smiley mouth just look like EXO’s Chen.

Especially, they made the netizens surprised because they looked just alike even when they were sleeping. It was almost like doing copy and paste.

The following photos are pure and cute baby Daeul and EXO Chen.

EXO Chen & Daeul 4

EXO Chen & Daeul 3 EXO Chen & Daeul 2