What Zico Said About Park Kyung’s “NOTEBOOK”

Park Kyung
Park Kyung

“He first said, ‘It’s good.'”

Block B’s Park Kyung released his first solo mini album.

On January 18, he held the press conference celebrating the release of the new album ‘NOTEBOOK’ in a cafe located in Seoul.

For the question asking the members’ responses, he answered, “Zico first said, ‘It’s good.’ Until now, he only said, ‘The song has your color.’ But this time he said, ‘Your music is good.'”

Park Kyung also said, “Jaehyo said, ‘I think it will be good to listen to your song in a restaurant in Gapyung.’ He commented about my song on his social media page.”

Moreover, he said, “P.O said my song is like falling in chocolate like in the movie ‘Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.’ Taeil said it was good, but actually those songs which he didn’t like were successful.”

On this day, Park Kyung released ‘NOTEBOOK.’ It has five songs including the title song ‘When I’m With You.’