GOT7 Celebrates 3rd Anniversary With Macau Fans

GOT7 Fan Meeting In Macau
GOT7 Fan Meeting In Macau

GOT7 met about 4,000 Macau fans.

They held ‘GOT7 FAN MEETING IN MACAU’ on January 15.

In particular, it was held to celebrate GOT7’s 3rd anniversary. Moreover, about 4,000 fans gathered to see GOT7.

On this day, GOT7 made performances for ‘Fly,’ ‘Hard Carry,’ ‘Just Right’ and ‘Let Me’ in Chinese version.

In addition, the members were moved by video celebrating the 3rd anniversary and the cake prepared by the fans.

On January 6, the tickets for Taipei fan meeting were all sold out. And GOT7 has also successfully finished with Macau fan meeting.

On February 5, GOT7 holds ‘GOT7 ♥ I GOT7 3RD FAN MEETING,’ the official fan club meeting, in Seoul.