EXO Chen & Dynamic Duo’s “Mixxxture” Collaboration

EXO Chen / Dynamic Duo
EXO Chen / Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen are working on a collaboration project.

On January 18, Dynamic Duo’s agency Amoeba Culture said, “The first runner of the new project ‘Mixxxture’ with Loen Entertainment is EXO’s Chen. The song will be released in January.”

‘Mixxxture’ is a combination project that embraces various cultures. The teaser image is drawn after the shape of DNA. It’s the logo of ‘Mixxxture’ which symbolizes the combination of Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment.

In particular, many talented producers and artists from Amoeba Culture participate in the project with the collaboration of other artists. The lineup will be revealed through Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment’s official channels later.

The first runner is EXO’s Chen. It is highly expected that who will be the next runner.

Meanwhile, the first song of Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment’s ‘Mixxxtre’ will be released in January.