2PM Reveals A Teaser Image For “2PM Wild Beat”

2PM Wild Beat
2PM Wild Beat

On January 18, the teaser image for the entertainment program ‘2PM Wild Beat’ has revealed.

‘2PM Wild Beat’ is 2PM members’ variety program that shows 10 episodes about their trip in Australia for 10 days.

On the teaser that was revealed on January 18, 2PM members on the vast plains in Australia.

A source from JYP said, “‘2PM Wild Beat’ is about experiential trip. So all members earned money that they needed for trip in Australia.”

Moreover, they said, “During the ten days, the members sometimes were faced with hardships.”

2PM’s last entertainment program was ‘2PM Show’ in 2011.

Now they are getting back together in six years. The first episode of the entertainment program ‘2PM Wild Beat’ will be broadcast on February 1 in K STAR Channel at 8pm KST.