A Japanese Idol Who Imitates BTS Jungkook


There is a Japanese idol who imitates BTS Jungkook’s fashion, hair style and hobby.

In online communities, there are many posts like ‘Is this guy Jungkook?’ and ‘A Japanese idol who imitates Jungkook.’


The Japanese idol is HIROTO from Japanese group IVVY. Netizens argue that he imitates Jungkook’s fashion and hair style.

They compared HIROTO and Jungkook’s photos. In the photo, HIROTO is wearing similar clothes of Jungkook.

It’s not just about the style that HIROTO is imitating Jungkook. BTS Jungkook once played a mobile game in a show and HIROTO uploaded a photo of the same game on his Twitter.

But some netizens said, “Who is Jungkook?,” “It’s not that similar,” and “They just look alike.”

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