Apink’s ‘PINK AURORA’ Hong Kong Concert Tickets Are Sold Out


The tickets for Apink’s ‘PINK AURORA’ Hong Kong concert are all sold out.

Apink will hold Asia Tour ‘PINK AURORA’ Hong Kong Concert on February 19. On January 12, the tickets were all sold out.

When the ticket reservation was open, the ticketing site just froze because of too many fans clicking on the reservation menu. It is the third time that Apink holds Asia Tour in Hong Kong.

On November 18, the Taiwan concert tickets were all sold out, too. Moreover, Singapore concert hall was also filled with 2,000 local fans. In addition, local journalists from major media companies competed to interview Apink.

During the Asia Tour, Apink showed hit song parade and special fanservice to attract the local fans’ hearts.

Apink’s ‘PINK AURORA: Asia Tour in Hong Kong’ will be held in Asia International Expo on February 19.