BTS V & Jin’s “Hwarang” OST “Even If I Die, It’s You” Music Video Is Revealed


The music video of KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Hwarang” OST track “Even If I Die, It’s You” by BTS V and Jin has been revealed.

“Hwarang” is a drama of youth’s friendship and love story 1,500 years ago. In particular, the seven young characters are drawing people’s attention. That’s why the drama is so popular.

Moreover, the OST tracks are popular. The second track “Even If I Die, It’s You” by BTS V and Jin is the theme song of Hwarang. It has powerful and dynamic energy. It has been loved by many people since the release.

V plays the role of the youngest Hwarang Hansung in ‘Hwarang.’ The character is cute and lovely. BTS Jin also sang “Even If I Die, It’s You.”

The staffs produced and revealed the music video for the OST “Even If I Die, It’s You.” The music video is about the six young characters (Park Seo Jun-Seonwoo, Park Hyung Sik-Sam Maek Jong, Choi Minho-Suho, Do Ji Han-Banryu, Jo Yoon Woo-Yeowool, Kim Tae Hyung-Hansung) from the drama. The characters make good harmony with the melody of the song.

Park Seojun and Park Hyung Sik both love Go Ara (Ahro). Choi Minho and Do Jihan’s romance story is also exciting. Jo Yoon Woo and Kim Tae Hyung also give off unique charms.

Meanwhile, ‘Hwarang’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday night in KBS2.