What BTS Accomplished In 2016


The dream of BTS came true. BTS won “the album of the year award’ and ‘the singer of the year’ in MMA and MAMA. It has been three years since they made their debut and they are the first group to win the grand prize in MAMA from an agency which is not one of the three major agencies (SM, YG, JYP).

Strong fandom
BTS recorded high album sales. Their second regular album ‘WINGS’ which was released in October recorded about 714,000 album sales in two months. This is 30 times of the record for the debut album “2 Cool 4 Skool” which was released in June 2013. This is thanks to strong fandom.

Moreover, there are more fans who buy previous albums. The debut song ‘No More Dream’ ranked the 99th place in Melon weekly chart one week after the release, but ‘I Need You’ which was released in 2015 ranked 32nd place. ‘RUN’ ranked 21st place, ‘FIRE’ ranked 18th and ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ ranked 11th.

YouTube, Billboard and iTunes

YouTube is the biggest global video site. Eight videos of BTS recorded more than 50 million YouTube views. The music video of “DOPE” which was revealed in July 2015 recorded 100 million views in one year and four months.

The high number of views led to high rankings in music charts. BTS entered four yearly charts of US Billboard with ‘WINGS.’ Last year, they entered ‘Billboard 200’ for three consecutive times for the first time as a Korean group. They also ranked 26th place in ‘Billboard 200.’ BTS entered UK chart for the first time as a K-Pop group. ‘Blood, Sweat & Tears’ topped iTunes charts of 97 countries.

High number of audiences for concerts

BTS has strong global fandom. They first began their world tour in 2014. The tour started in Seoul Yes 24 Live Hall with 2,000 seats. BTS met about 80,000 fans in 18 cities of 13 countries. The concert grew in scale with 3,000 seats in Olympic Hall and 5,000 seats in SK Olympic Handball Stadium. In May 2016, they began Asia Tour in Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium (12,0000 seats) and continued in 10 cities with 144,000 fans.

In February 2017, they will start ‘WINGS’ tour in Seoul Gocheock Dome (20,000 seats). The concert tickets are all sold out. 95,000 tickets for North America Tour are also sold out. BTS will meet about 130,000 fans in five cities of four countries with ‘WINGS’ tour.