JYJ’s Junsu Thrills Fans In Japan With Musical Gala Concert

JYJ Junsu
JYJ Junsu

JYJ’s Junsu held a musical concert in Osaka.

On December 27, his agency said, “On December 26, Junsu held ‘2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra vol.5’ in Osaka, Japan. He met about 50,000 fans in Seoul and Tokyo. In Osaka, he also held an exciting concert.”

The concert hall was filled with about 10,000 fans. Junsu opened the concert with a song from his debut musical “Mozart!.” He said, “This is the last concert in 2016. I will show the characters that I have played in musicals for the last seven years. I have visited this hall many times, but I feel it is really awesome every time I come here.”

Junsu sang “December” and Japanese version song of “Last Dance” for Japanese fans. He also had special events with the fans. He solved impromptu quiz questions and danced with the fans.

Junsu said, “This concert is especially meaningful to me. I think it’s all thanks to you that I could sing until now. I will be apart from you for about two years, but I will come back. I will not be able to forget this moment.”

He finishes his concert tour with the Osaka concert on December 27.