Heechul Could Not Make His Debut As Super Junior

Super Junior Heechul
Super Junior Heechul

Super Junior’s Heechul confessed that he had prepared to make debut as TRAX before.

In Channel A’s ‘Cinderella,’ TRAX’s Jungmo revealed all about Heechul’s youth stories.

On this day, Heechul revealed a lot about his stories when he was a trainee. He said, “I was preparing to make debut as a main vocalist in TRAX, not an idol. At that time, I had some conflicts with SM staffs.”

Moreover, he said, “I was frustrated and gave up making debut as TRAX and went back to my hometown, Gangwon Province. But TRAX’s Jungmo and J, TVXQ and Super Junior’s Donghae persuaded me to come back to SM.”

In addition, he also said he couldn’t make up his mind after returning to SM.

Jungmo said, “I had loved a girl at that time. I was also influenced by Heechul then.” Jungmo also revealed Heechul’s behind stories when he was a trainee. The show will be broadcast on December 29.