SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop Unit Talks About How They Feel About Their Comeback With “BOOMBOOM”


SEVENTEEN’s hip-hop Unit revealed the pictorials and interview for DAZED.

DAZED works on a project which reveals the pictorials and interviews of SEVENTEEN’s three units (hip-hop, vocal, performance) starting from the 2016 November issue for three months. The last runner is SEVENTEEN’s powerful hip-hop team (Minkyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, S.Coups).


The hip-hop unit made debut in May 2015 with ‘Adore U.’ Moreover, they released ‘Pretty U’ and ‘Very NICE.’ They are talented idol group that are all good at dancing, composing and making performances.

For the question asking how they feel about their comeback with “BOOMBOOM,” they answered, “We wanted to look more masculine in this album, so we all worked out.” (Minkyu) “We are proud of this album and I do feel that we have become more mature than before.” (Vernon) “We have different kinds of genre for this album. We wanted to show people that we can do various genres.” (Wonwoo) “The title song ‘BOOM
BOOM’ is about our dream. We wanted to look passionate.” (S.Coups)


Meanwhile, even though the members must have been tired while filming the pictorials of, it is said that they always showed bright smile while filming.

SEVENTEEN’s third unit, the hip-hop team’s special pictorials and interview can be found in the 2017 January issue of DAZED.