How Red Velvet’s Wendy & Joy Play Alone

How Red Velvet's Wendy & Joy Play Alone

Red Velvet’s Wendy and Joy revealed videos.

On December 20, Wendy and Joy uploaded videos on Red Velvet’s official Facebook page. The videos each recorded 13 million and 15 million views three hours after the release.

Each video runs for about a minute. In the video, Wendy and Joy plays on their own using shoelace, bottle and a box. In the 2nd episode of ‘Trick & True,’ Wendy had an experiment of lifting anything. She worried if the experiment might fail. But she finally succeeds lifting a glass bottle with shoelace.

Joy grabs attention by doing the experiment of air bomb which was on the 6th episode of ‘Trick & True.’ She puts off fire on the candle using a box with a small hole. She fails and makes everyone laugh. However, she finally succeeds in making paper cups fall by using the air bomb. Joy said, “If you want to watch more, please watch Trick & True on KBS.”