AOA Comes Back With First Regular Album ‘Angel’s Knock’ On January 2, 2017

AOA Comes Back With 'Angel's Knock' On January 2, 2017

AOA comes back with the first regular album ‘ANGEL’S KNOCK’ on January 2, 2017.

On December 21st, AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment revealed the promotion plan poster of AOA’s first regular album ‘ANGEL’S KNOCK’ through AOA’s official SNS.

The poster introduces AOA’s teaser schedule from December 26 to January 2. There are many concepts like ‘ANOTHER ME,’ ‘SECRET ROOM’ and ‘MAGIC OF UMBRELLA.’ There will be competition between AOAs which is shown by ‘AOA VS AOA #1’ and ‘AOA VS AOA #2.’

AOA’s album is the first regular album since their debut in 2012. Their first regular album official teaser site will be open on December 26.