SEVENTEEN Members Talk About Their New Album “Going Seventeen”


SEVENTEEN came back.

On December 5, in Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, the press conference of ‘Going Seventeen’ was held.

SEVENTEEN released their 3rd mini album ‘Going Seventeen.’

Their new album includes eight new songs including the title song ‘BOOMBOOM.’ There are three versions; ‘Make A Wish,’ ‘Make It Happen,’ and ‘Make The Seventeen.’

In only one year and a half, SEVENTEEN swept various awards. Many people are having high expectation for their new album.

Minkyu seemed to be under pressure when he said, “I always worry that how I would reward fans with good songs. Sometimes, it makes me hard.”

Seungkwan also said, “We all think that we should do better. The new album has three meanings. The three keywords are all important. That’s why we have the three concepts.”

SEVENTEEN members participated in producing the new album. Woozi and the composer Beomju composed and wrote the lyrics for ‘BOOMBOOM.’ Other member also participate in rap making and writing lyrics.

Woozi said, “I always produce songs. And I select songs according to the concept of an album. I included ‘Fast Pace,’ ‘Well’ and ‘Expectation’ for the new album.”

There are many songs like the mix unit song ‘BEAUTIFUL,’ Hoshi’s ‘HIGHTLIGHT,’ and ‘EXPECTATION.’

SEVENTEEN has set many records. But this time, they have a goal to make an album for the fans.

S.Coups showed his love toward the fans by saying, “I don’t expect to win the 1st place, but I just want to satisfy the fans. I hope many people would like our music.”

SEVENTEEN also made a promise that they would reveal a special Christmas dance video when they win the 1st place.

Dokyeom said, “I will be so happy if we win the 1st place this time. If we really achieve the goal, we will show you a special video for Christmas.”

SEVENTEEN came back with ‘BOOMBOOM.’ Many are having high expectation for their new album.