Block B’s P.O & U-Kwon Become ‘Lipstick Prince’

Block B U-Kwon & P.O
Block B U-Kwon & P.O

The group Block B’s U-Kown and P.O gives off special charms.

They will be the panels for the cable channel Onstyle’s beauty variety program ‘Lipstick Prince.’ The program will be broadcast for the first time on December 1st. U-Kwon and P.O are expected to steal the hearts of female guests.

The agency Seven Seasons said, “Block B’s U-Kwon and P.O couldn’t participate in the production press conference of ‘Lipstick Prince’ due to schedules abroad. We hope many people would have high expectations for them. They will give off special charms.”

Super Junior’s Heechul will be the MC of ‘Lipstick Prince.’ This is a new beauty variety program in which men are the ones who show makeup.

Meanwhile, Block B’s U-Kwon and P.O released the new album ‘Welcome To BASTARZ’ as the unit group BASTARZ on November 31.