Interview With Block B BASTARZ (1)

Block B BASTARZ came back in one year and six months. They were so innocent and honest. Moreover, they are serious about music and their performance. They came back with the new song ‘Make It Rain.’ Their powerful performance grabs attention. They all participated in producing music, styling, and choreography. This is the behind story of Block B’s unit, BASTARZ.


Q. How do you feel about your comeback?
U-kwon: I feel grateful for good responses. Not only our fans, but others also cheered us up. I feel really thankful.

Q. What is the new song’s concept?
U-Kwon: It’s like Hong Kong noir. You would see that in the music video. (Laughter) It’s like all the bad guys have gathered around.

Q. Didn’t you feel any pressure for this comeback?
P.O: I did, because I want to be successful. BASTARZ is Block B’s unit, so I wanted it to have a positive impact on our group.


Q. ZICO is out from the album’s credit.
P.O: Some say, ‘Block B BASTARZ is trying not to be influenced by ZICO.’ But, we’re not. We couldn’t ask him to help us since he was too busy. (Everyone laughs) He is too busy doing Block B’s music and his own, so we didn’t want to be a burden.

Q. Didn’t he give any advice?
P.O: He gives advice on every single song of the album. I’m younger than him and he thinks of Block B BASTARZ as his younger brothers.
B-Bomb: He asked Dean to help us with the title song. He took care of us even though he was busy.
P.O: He is a great leader.
U-Kwon: When we uploaded the dance practice video on the group chat room, he gave us good advice. He called me or dance manager and gave specific advice. I thank him.

Q. How was working with Dean? Did he give any feedback?
P.O: We usually talked about lyrics.
U-Kwon: We’re not that friendly with him. We couldn’t get any comments from him. We will ask ZICO about it and tell you later. (Laughter)


Q. Are you satisfied with the album?
B-Bomb: I love all the songs. Fans like them, too. We have various songs.

Q. P.O and B-Bomb participated in composing and writing the lyrics of ‘Selfish & Beautiful Girl’ and ‘Tightly’ respectively.
P.O: It was hard to direct since I was not used to do recording my own song. I couldn’t make decisions easily. I was confused. (Everyone laughs) But I could communicate with other members.
B-Bomb: ‘Tightly’ is a sexy song.
P.O: So you wanted a sexy song, right? (Laughter)
B-Bomb: Being sexy is not a bad thing. It was intentional. Except the title song, we produced all the songs from the album. From the next album, we will do better.

Q. What if ‘Selfish & Beautiful Girl’ was the title song? (P.O showed a big smile) P.O looks so happy.
P.O: Because I composed it. (Laughter) But we needed more powerful song for the title.
U-Kwon: We needed something like ‘Zero for Conduct.’

Q. What is your identity?
P.O: We are still searching for it.
U-Kwon: As you know, our group’s name is BASTARZ. We are somewhat tough.

Q. Do you have any plan for the next album?
P.O: I hope so. (Laughter) Maybe the agency will give us another chance.
B-Bomb: But not right after this one. (Laughter)
U-Kwon: There are too many strong teams out there. If we work hard, we would come back with other album later. We will come back any time we have good music.

Q. So you are not satisfied with your record.
P.O: Yes. I feel sorry for Dean and Zico, and the agency… (Laughter)
B-Bomb: Maybe there were some barriers. But I will just do my best on the stage.
U-Kwon: It was like a war. So many talented idol groups all came back at the same time. (Laughter) But it was still fun to watch their performances.

Q. What is your unique strategy?
B-Bomb: We will try to show various aspects from now on. Our strong point is performance.
U-Kwon: If we make good performances, people will become curious about us. I’m expecting that.

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