Kang Dong Won Says He Cannot Be Satisfied With What He Have Now (Interview 2)

‘I cannot just be satisfied with success of few movies.’

This is what Kang Dong Won said. He is working really hard, but he is never satisfied. He is now dreaming to make debut in the global movie market.

Q. ‘Vanishing Time’ is about trust and sacrifice. Do you usually trust others?
Kang Dong Won: I trust my close friends. I don’t have many friends, but there are some who give me helpful advice. Those are who I really trust. I also trust people who I’m working with. They are good people. You cannot survive without passion in this industry. Of course there are some uncomfortable people.

Kang Dong Won 4
Kang Dong Won

Q. You worked with rookie directors in ‘Black Priest,’ ‘A Perfect Prosecutor’ and ‘Vanishing Time.’
Kang Dong Won: It has more weakness than strength. (Laughter) It takes longer time to film. But I liked the scenario and they were young like me. I like that.

Q. You are one of the actors who work really hard.
Kang Dong Won: I am physically strong. I have worked out since I was young. Moreover, I usually don’t get stressed about playing characters. There are some actors who think too much about their characters, but I’m not. When the scenario is good, I can see the character clearly. I try to fit myself into the character. If I have some difficulties, I talk with the director.

Q. You don’t usually get stressed out?
Kang Dong Won: When I was young, I easily got stressed out. But these days, I try not to think of unimportant matters. I don’t usually change my clothes. I try to get rid of all stresses and focus on my work. During filming for ‘Master,’ I stayed in the Philippines for about a month. I just brought gray and black t-shirts. (Laughter) I usually buy similar clothes.

Kang Dong Won 5
Kang Dong Won

Q. ‘Black Priest,’ ‘A Perfect Prosecutor,’ ‘Vanishing Time’ and ‘Master’ are somewhat similar to each other.
Kang Dong Won: You could say it’s a strategy. I filmed something big before, so I became more positive about ‘Vanishing Time.’ It’s all about timing.

10. You have played various roles. That could be why you are offered various scenarios.
Kang Dong Won: Yes. I have been offered to play various roles from something really ordinary to weird. I try to read all scenarios that have been offered to me. Of course, I cannot afford time to read all of that.

Kang Dong Won 6
Kang Dong Won

10. What is your hobby?
Kang Dong Won: I don’t have much time to spend for myself. I always have appointments with others. Sometimes, I have a meeting at 11 in the night. I’m also getting ready to make debut abroad. I don’t have specific hobby. Maybe visiting some nice restaurants and talking with people who I work with. I really like to eat out. (Laughter)

10. Do you want to make debut abroad?
Kang Dong Won: I cannot be satisfied with what I have now. There’s bigger world out there. I cannot just be satisfied with success of few movies. I’m always thinking about the next step. I’m already applying for some auditions. I have studied English and Japanese. I have had interests in Asian market.

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