What Is Kang Dong Won’s Goal? (Interview 1)

People say ‘I watch every movie in which Kang Dong Won makes appearance.’ Kang Dong Won said, “That was my goal.” ‘Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned’ (directed by Um Tae Hwa, produced by BareunsonENA) was released on November 16. The director Um Tae Hwa made the right fantasy movie for Kang Dong Won. He is already in his mid-30s, but he was a boy in the movie.

Q. ‘Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned’ doesn’t seem that it will sell well.
Kang Dong Won: I have some different standard for that. I think good scenario sells well. Maybe the theme might not appeal to audience, but the scenario was good. Of course, I’m not being arrogant. It might seem that only a few would enjoy the story, but there’s a lot from the movie that people can sympathize with. I believe about 3 to 4 million audience will watch it. (Laughter)

Kang Dong Won 1
Kang Dong Won

Q. Many say that your movie will be interesting.
Kang Dong Won: I feel grateful for that. I have worked hard so that people would feel that my movie is worth watching.

Q. How did you choose this movie? I think it would not have been an easy decision because you need to play a role of a boy who is 13 years old.
Kang Dong Won: I liked the scenario and the director. But it was difficult to make a decision. I might have had no difficulty if the character was in his 20s. I’m now in my mid-30s, so I hesitated. Then I filmed ‘A Violent Prosecutor’ and had to go to Busan before making the decision. And the director came to Busan. I met him and made the decision. I thought I could believe the director.

Q. It seems that you take long time to make a decision on a movie.
Kang Dong Won: I’m kind of cautious. I make an important decision and spend time only for myself. I don’t tell others. Then I think about it again. I really become serious about making this kind of decision. I make these decisions one to three times a year. Sometimes, I get to like the scenario right away, but take some time to think about it over again.

Q. Most of your movies were successful.
Kang Dong Won: Yes, maybe except the movie ‘M.’

Kang Dong Won 2
Kang Dong Won

Q. Didn’t you think of your first love when you were filming ‘Vanishing Time’?
Kang Dong Won: I didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t even think of it. (Laughter) I don’t usually match the character with me. I don’t doubt the character. I just believe in the director and the scenario.

Q. What was your focus in acting for the movie?
Kang Dong Won: I didn’t want my character to be seen as too childish. I was worried about the audience misunderstanding about the character. I just created my own character. Of course he was a boy, but not a childish one.

Kang Dong Won 3
Kang Dong Won

Q. Shin Eun Su is 22 years younger than you. How was she?
Kang Dong Won: We actually didn’t have much in common. I mean, she is 22 years younger than me. One day, the director and Eunsu talked about idol groups, so I joined them. She’s from JYP Entertainment, so she was talking about TWICE. At that time, I didn’t know TWICE, so I said, “What are you talking about.” (Laughter) But I kept trying communication with her.

Q. For Shin Eun Su, the movie was her first one. Wasn’t there any difficulty?
Kang Dong Won: Not much. It took time sometimes, but she was always concentrated on acting.

Q. What do you want the audience to feel about your movie?
Kang Dong Won: I want them to think about trust and sacrifice again. I think it’s okay to make some sacrifices in our life. Trying not to make sacrifice is more stressful. I just can do better next time.

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