What Is The Reason Why EXO’s D.O. Continues To Challenge Acting? (Interview)

EXO’s D.O. is both an idol singer and an actor. He is the main vocalist of the group EXO and also an actor. He will make appearance in the movie ‘Brother’ with Jo Jung Suk. The movie will be released on November 24.

EXO D.O. 1

‘Brother’ is a comedy with the story of two brothers; one criminal and one national athlete. In the movie, D.O. gets injured during Judo competition and lives with his older brother Doo Sik who is released on parole.

D.O’s characer Dooyoung is a cold character, but as he lives with his older brother, he becomes just like him. He attracts the audience with his changed character.

EXO D.O. 2

“I was also attracted to Dooyoung while acting. He was cold at first, but he got to resemble his older brother as time went by. It was fun to play the role.”

D.O. made his debut as an actor with the movie ‘Cart.’ Since then, he has made appearance in many dramas and movies. We asked what acting means to him.

“The first movie ‘Cart’ was so difficult. At that time, I had no experience. I didn’t even know about the camera angles. That’s maybe why I felt demanding. I think acting is always difficult.”

He said acting is difficult, but he keeps making appearance in many works. After ‘Cart,’ he played the protagonist in the movie ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Brother.’ Now he is filming the movie ‘With God.’ Why would motivate him to act?

“When I filmed SBS drama ‘It’s alright, This is love,’ I was fascinated by acting. In the 16th episode when I took the scene where I got separated with Jo In Sung, I felt something special. I felt what true sadness was like then. I cannot forget the amazing moment when I felt what the character really felt. So I thought that’s why many actors are acting. I’m trying hard to be a better actor.”

EXO D.O. 3

D.O.’s group EXO is gaining popularity from global fans. For the question, “Do you want to be recognized in Hollywood as an actor?” he answered he first wants to be recognized in Korea.

“I actually don’t know what ‘recognition’ means in this case. Maybe I cannot be satisfied for the rest of my life. I just want people to see me as an actor. I want to be like Jo Jung Suk.”

Not only him, but also Chanyeol and Baekhyun are also making debut as actors. They are one group on the stage, but they are different actors. “Do you guys talk about your acting?”

“When we gather around, we talk about acting. But we don’t ask for advice. We just cheer one another.”

D.O. has big eyes, a small head and an image of an innocent boy. Many people see him as a boy. However, he wants to play some different characters.

“People might see me as a boy, but I don’t such characters. I want to try various roles as many as possible. I want to play a scary or really awkward character, too. I also want to make appearance in romantic comedy, maybe the role of Jo Jung Suk in the movie ‘Brother.’ I learned many slang words from him. Haha.”

EXO D.O. 4

D.O. said he wants to be both successful as a singer and an actor. It would not be easy, but not impossible, too. He is a hardworking guy.

“It would be a lie if I say I’m not exhausted. But I want to be both successful as a singer and an actor. I know it will be difficult. Sometimes, I feel the burden. But I’m trying my best.”