EXO’s Kai Covers The Last 2016 Issue Of ‘Dazed’

EXO Kai 1

EXO’s Kai covered the last 2016 issue of ‘Dazed.’

British license fashion and culture magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’ revealed the last 2016 issue with the global popular group EXO member Kai.

Kai in December issue of ‘Dazed’ was like a soft and powerful musician. He showed new aspect with the styling of Diesel watch of iconic design.

EXO Kai 2

In particular, the magazine revealed ‘Korea Exclusive edition’ watch which was specially manufactured for Korean market. The watch got more attention with Kai’s mysterious charisma.

For the question, “Do you prefer wearing a watch?,” Kai answered, “I don’t usually wear accessories including a watch, but recently I think it would be nice to have one.” On this day, he said he liked simple strap watch in brown color.

Moreover, for the question, “Do you usually keep time?,” he answered, “It depends. If I get a good night’s sleep, I’m not late. But if I get too tired, sometimes I cannot make the time. I try to keep the time for work.”

EXO Kai 3

The harmony of bold and powerful Diesel watch and Kai was perfect.

It is said that Kai lightened the atmosphere of the filming site despite the long filming and his hectic schedule.

The December issue of ‘Dazed’ with the beautiful 23 years old boy Kai can be found on online and offline stores and kr.dazeddigital.com.


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