BTS Wins Asia Artist Awards’ Best Artist & Icon Awards (Interview)

“This year will be one of the most memorable years of my life!”

BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards) 1
BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards)

BTS won AAA Best Artist Award and Best Icon Award in 2016 Asia Artist Awards in Peace Palace of Kyunghee University on November 16.

BTS said, “We are just happy that we received honorable awards. We wonder if we deserve these. We will work harder from now on.”

BTS released many alums including the regular album ‘THE MOOD FOR LOVE Young Forever,’ ‘WINGS,’ Japanese single ‘I NEED U’ and ‘RUN this year.

With ‘WINGS’ they topped Korean major music programs in October. They set a new record with 680,000 album sales. They also topped Gaon monthly album chart.

BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards) 2
BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards)

BTS also entered US Billboard 200 chart for the third time. They also topped Billboard world album chart, Billboard digital song chart, Japan’s Tower Record total album latest weekly chart, China’s video site Yinyuetai V chart, iTunes chart in 97 countries and US Apple Music chart.

These were surprising records for BTS that made debut four years ago.

Jimin: I believe efforts pay off and the year 2016 confirmed this belief. I will not be able to forget this year.

SUGA: This year will be one of the most memorable years of my life. It is all because of you.

Rap Monster: Yes. My dreams came true in 2016. Many got to know about us and we now have more responsibility. But I don’t feel this as a burden. More responsibility means that I have more precious things.

Jin: We could set many records, so I was so happy this year. I think it is all because of the fans. I feel so grateful for them.

BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards) 3
BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards)

During the interview in September, BTS mentioned about their future goal. They said, “it is to receive the grand prize and be a global group.” And what they have achieved this year was just like they mentioned as their goal. BTS said, “If we just work hard without being obsessed too much with goals, we believe that we will make our dreams come true someday.”

They cites their fans, staffs of the agency and families for their biggest supporters.

“ARMY (the name of BTS’ official fan club) is our strong supporter. We cannot imagine life without them. Moreover, the producer Bang Si Hyuk, BIG HIT staffs and many musicians who inspired us are all our supporters.”

‘WINGS’ and the title song ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ gained so much popularity this year. The album ‘WINGS’ has total fifteen songs including the title song ‘Blood Sweat & Tears.’ It is about a story of boys who are faced with temptation and conflicts. Rap Monster, SUGA and J-Hope participated in producing the title song.

BTS said, “We didn’t expect that so many people would love the song ‘Blood Sweat & Tears.’ ‘FIRE’ was also received well, so we didn’t think that the new song would be successful, too.”

There was one thing that BTS made their fans worry in 2016. During the concert held in China in July, Rap Monster couldn’t continue with the performance due to heatstroke. In September, he also had to rest due to fatigue fraction. Rap Monster said, “I’m recovering my health by taking some rest. I hope the fans would not worry so much about me.”

BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards) 4
BTS (2016 Asia Artist Awards)

When we asked BTS about how they imagine their lives in their late 20s, they laughed and answered, “We cannot imagine that yet.”

V: I think it will be fun. We will be all grown ups. But I just want to enjoy the present.

Jungkook: For a better future, I believe I should work harder. One thing for sure is that I will be with my members then. Of course with ARMY, too.

What would be BTS’ next goals? We got various answers.

J-Hope: I want to meet our global fans. I really want to.

Jimin: I hope we would be a wonderful team. I think we still have weaknesses. Someday, we will be near perfect, right?

SUGA: I just want to be a good and nice person.

Rap Monster, Jin: I want to go travel with members, even it’s only for a few days. I just want some time only for ourselves.

Jungkook: I want to grow further. My goal is to be an improved singer.

V: I have many dreams, some that I have achieved, and some that I haven’t achieved yet. I just want to receive love from many people.