(Interview) BLACKPINK Playing With Fire (3)


Q. You topped a music program only 14 days after the debut. How did you feel after receiving the first trophy?
Rosé: We have prepared for debut for a long time, but I was so surprised that I received so much love as soon as I made debut. It was amazing. I feel grateful for making debut and fans that listen to our songs. It was an honor to receive the trophy and I thought I should work harder from now on.

Q. You are called a ‘monster rookie.’ Do you like the nickname? Do you want some other nickname?
Jennie: Our concept is to show powerful and charismatic performances on the stage. And I think it goes along well with the nickname.
Jisoo: I want a nickname like ‘trustworthy BLACKPINK.’ It would be nice that many people just trust us and listen to our music.

Q. I think ‘monster rookie’ is better. (Laughter)
Jennie: Then I’ll take ‘monster rookie.’ (Laughter)

Q. There aren’t many girl groups with powerful debut concepts. Is there specific reason for such concept?
Rosé: When I was a trainee, there was monthly test. Since then, I focused on powerful performances. And YG’s character is hip hop. I wanted some unique concept.

Q. The team name ‘BLACKPINK’ is compound word of black and pink. I wonder if you would continue with the ‘black’ image in the future. What about the ‘pink’?
Jisoo: When I was a trainee, I practiced various genres. I think that’s our strength. We will also show some ‘pink’ performances from now on.


Q. Many girl groups mention you as their role model. And there is a senior group 2NE1 from the same agency. What’s the difference between BLACKPINK and 2NE1?
Jennie: 2NE1 was successful since their debut and all of their songs were popular. We are pressured by that, but we don’t try to be ‘different from 2NE1.’
Lisa: 2NE1 even held a world tour. I also want to hold such big concert.

Q. Was there any special advice from Mr. Yang for this album?
Jennie: He took care of our choreography and performances. We use headset microphone for the performance, so our hands are relatively free. He gave detailed advice on our dance.
Jisoo: They think of us as his daughters. (Laughter) He was so glad when we topped the music program and sent complimentary messages to us. He wants us to show our potential on the stage.

Q. You are one of the candidates or MAMA rookie award. Do you think you will receive the award?
Jennie: When I saw senior groups receiving rookie awards, I also dreamed of receiving one in the future. I will have high expectations for it. (Laughter) But, even if I get the award, I know I have to work harder. And I will not be disappointed if I don’t get one.

Q. What is your goal?
Jisoo: I want to hold a world tour like other YG seniors. I want to make our performances on a bigger stage.

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