(Interview) BLACKPINK Playing With Fire (2)


Q. Lisa is from Thailand. There are many foreign girl group members. What is your character?
Lisa: Thai people also love K-Pop. There are many who want to be K-pop singers. I’m actually shy, but I try to be charismatic on the stage. I think that’s my strength.

Q. When did you come to Korea? What were some difficulties?
Lisa: It has been 6 years. At first, I couldn’t speak Korean at all. Communication was the most difficult thing. I took Korean lessons every day. Members also helped me a lot.

Q. There were rumors that YG would reveal new girl group. But it took a long time before you made debut. Weren’t you tired waiting?
Jennie: We also heard such rumors, so we had expectations. But we concentrated on practicing together. We trusted that our agency would let us make debut in a right time.
Jisoo: We have been trainees at least for five years. Many trainees quit, but I did my best. I couldn’t just give up before making debut. That’s why I did my best.

Q. What was good about making debut?
Jennie: I don’t yet feel much difference. I almost have the same life pattern as a trainee. I hope I would feel the difference from now on. (Laughter) Like trainees, we practice about three to four hours a day. When there’s no schedule, we stay in the practice room all day long. I don’t feel that I have become a celebrity. After this interview, I will go practice dancing. (Laughter)

Q. Your family also must have waited for you to make debut.
Lisa: Since I first came to Korea 6 years ago, they waited for me to make debut. After I made debut as BLACKPINK, they seemed really happy, saying “You’ve done it.”
Rosé: I have family chat room. My dad sends me good message every day. They all seem so happy. I feel grateful.
Jisoo: My mom puts my latest photo on her messenger profile. (Laughter)
Jennie: My family is my biggest fan. They seemed so happy.


Q. There are many rival girl groups. Is there specific group that you think is your rival?
Jisoo: We just made debut, so we don’t have time to look at others. (Laughter) We compare us in the last week with the one this week. We didn’t make comparisons with other groups. If we get to have more experience, we might be able to look at them.

Q. Why did you want to become a singer?
Jennie: Since I was in New Zealand, I have listened to K-Pop a lot, especially YG music. From that time, I have thought that I want to be a singer in YG.
Jisoo: My family all likes singing. When we got together, I always sang and dances. They all liked me singing. So I wanted to show my talent to others, too. Since then, I have applied or many auditions.
Lisa: I was dance crew in Thailand. I also liked singing, so I wanted to be a K-Pop singer. Luckily, I passed YG’s Thai audition and came to Korea.
Rosé: I also have liked music since I was in Australia. My father told me that there is YG’s audition held in Australia. I got passed and came to Korea.

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