(Interview) BLACKPINK Playing With Fire (1)

YG Entertainment revealed a new girl group BLACKPINK in 7 years. In August, BLACKPINK swept the top rankings of various music charts with the two songs, ‘WHISTLE’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH.’ Moreover, in only 14 days after the debut, they topped a music program with ‘WHISTLE.’ It was 8 days earlier than Miss A’s record.


We met BLACKPINK in Samchung-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on November 2. Different from their charismatic image on the stage, BLACKPINK were shy girls.

Q. You came back in 3 months with the 2nd mini album. The album was successful.
Jennie: I feel grateful that our album ranked high even though it hasn’t been long that we made debut. I’m glad that many people have listened to our songs. We came back with ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE,’ and I’m happy that we can show some different vocals from ‘WHISTLE’ and ‘BOOMBAYAH.’

Q. What do you think is your secret to popularity?
Lisa: I don’t feel that we have become popular yet. But I was glad that many people recognized our songs.

Q. What is BLACKPINK’s unique feature?
Jisoo: Like our name BLACKPINK, we have different colors. We can do both powerful and girlish performances.

Q. I heard that you spent long time as trainees. But you only made appearance in some music programs after making debut. Weren’t you disappointed that you couldn’t make appearance in some other entertainment shows?
Jennie: We wanted to show our performances first. We just focused on making performances, but from now on we will make appearance in some other entertainment shows.

Q. Since the beginning, you said you wanted to look after 2NE1. Do you think you’re going the right path?
Jisoo: We still have a long way to go. (Laughter) 2NE1 is very popular. We will also work hard to look after them.


Q. Do you want to compose or write lyrics later?
Jenny: I think it’s too early to think about it. Teddy reflects on our ideas when producing songs. He says that he gets inspired by us. Since we get to see how he’s producing, we get more interested. It’ll be helpful for us in the future.

Q. Then which songs are inspired by your ideas?
Rosé: Sometimes, I play guitar and sing acoustic songs with members. ‘STAY’ from this album is just like that.

Q. In ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE,’ there’s lyrics that read, “Love is ‘PLAYING WITH FIRE.'” Have you felt this way?
Jennie: The song is making analogy of love with ‘playing with fire.’ I didn’t have such experience, so I thought of some scenes from movies and dramas.
Jisoo: We gather around and often watch romance movies and dramas together. We sometimes scream at some sweet scenes. Recently, we’ve been watching ‘Jealousy Incarnate.’ (Laughter)

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