EXO’s Kai Reveals His Goal In ‘Arena’ Interview

EXO’s Kai showed off his handsome appearance in pictorials.

EXO Kai 1

The magazine Arena Homme Plus revealed EXO Kai’s pictorials and interview through the official homepage on November 8th.

On the revealed pictorials, Kai showed off his charms in various clothing. He also showed sexy eyes.

EXO Kai 2

During the interview, he said what he feels as EXO. Kai said, “Receiving a good award is not all about our goals. We need to do something better. My ultimate goal is to be in EXO forever. And of course, goals can sometimes change in the lifetime.”

EXO Kai 3

He also said, “I got to be more patient and tolerant after I have become a member of EXO. In the past, I wasn’t used to practicing in a group. I always practiced alone. When other trainees go home at 9 in the night, I practiced alone until the midnight. But as I have become a part of the group, I got to be more outgoing. I didn’t have many friends before, so I didn’t know how to build a relationship. So at first, it felt awkward to meet the fans, but now it’s not. It’s just so natural.”

EXO Kai 4