BTS Wearing Winter Jackets in Puma’s Pictorials

On November 9, the global sports brand ‘Puma’ announced that they released new seven winter jackets of good style.


Puma’s new winter jackets have different ranges of prices and styles for various consumer choices.

The winter jacket series include the main products ‘Down Jacket,’ ‘Sporty Down,’ the premium line ‘Premium Down Jacket,’ and the cost-effective line ‘Core Down Jacket.’


The main products ‘Down Jacket’ and ‘Sporty Down’ of the series are very comfortable to wear. It used ‘Down Proof’ to make it waterproof. It is light and practical. It also used Siberian duck feather and ‘KEEP HEAT’ to make it much warmer.

‘Down Jacket’ is focused in the design and ‘Sporty Down’ has sporty materials like high-end waterproof zipper and badges.

‘Premium Down Jacket’ from the premium line has Hungarian premium duck feather. There is a string to tighten the waistline and high-end 3D badges.


‘Core Jacket’ has a reasonable style with good style and duck feather.

Moreover, there are ‘Long Down,’ ‘Down Vest’ which catered to consumers’ needs.

Meanwhile, from November 11, Puma holds an event that gives out the brand model BTS’ pictorial book ‘BTS Story Book’ celebrating the launch of 7 jacket series. It will be given to all consumers who buy winter jacket series or the sneakers ‘BOG Sock’ that was released in September.