Why EXO Xiumin-Chen Are Called ‘Kim Brothers’

EXO Chen & Xiumin
EXO Chen & Xiumin

EXO’s Xiumin and Chen became a hot issue with their close relationship. It was shown on the journey reality program.

Xiumin and Chen talked to each other about daily lives during ‘Xiuchen Real Private Talking.’

For the question asking whether the two members are close, Xiumin and Chen answered, “We are the best friends in EXO.” Particularly, Xiumin made everyone laugh by saying that “Chen is almost like my wife.”

Their fans call them ‘Kim Brothers.’ Xiumin and Chen have the same sir name. The fans gave this nickname because Xiumin and Chen are both in EXO-M and very close to each other.

In the past, Xiumin showed his affection toward Chen by posting a photo in which he was smiling and holding Chen’s hands on his social media. Since they are both friendly, they could become good friends.

Xiumin is very charismatic on the stage and doesn’t talk much on shows. So many people think that he is quiet, but he is actually very active.

Chen is a really friendly guy. Fans even call him ‘Friendly Kim.’ Xiumin complimented on Chen’s personality during many interviews by saying, “Chen is really kind and friendly.”

Xiumin and Chen also looked very close during the advertisement scenes of Goopne Chicken. On the video, the two members introduced pepper chicken together. They are indeed the ‘Kim Brothers.’