EXO Suho’s Room Is Really Dirty And He Is A Penny Pincher

EXO Chen / Chanyeol / Suho
EXO Chen / Chanyeol / Suho

The members of EXO revealed surprising facts about each other.

On July 7, EXO Suho, Chanyeol, Chen, Kim Hwan Hee, Jin Jee Hui, and Seo Shin Ae are on KBS ‘Happy Together 3.’

Chen revealed many things about Suho. When Suho insisted that his nickname was ‘The most funny guy of EXO,’ Chen said, “Suho is so boring. He is not funny at all.”

Chen said, “Different from his gentle appearance, Suho’s room is really dirty. I even asked for my manager to change the room.” Chanyeol said, “Sehun was actually a clean guy, but he became dirty because of Suho.”

Moreover, Chen and Chanyeol made everyone laugh by saying, “Suho is a penny pincher.”

Suho also fought back by saying, “Chanyeol is girlish.”