SEVENTEEN Reveals Fan Song ‘Love Letter’

SEVENTEEN - Love Letter
SEVENTEEN – Love Letter

SEVENTEEN revealed a surprise present for the fans.

On June 16, they revealed the music video of ‘Love Letter’ from the 1st regular album ‘LOVE&LETTER’ through the official YouTube channel.

‘Love Letter’ is a fan song which has impressive lyrics for the fans. The pretty and cheerful atmosphere draws attention.

As can be shown from the lyrics “I write to you what I’ve wanted to tell,” the members are writing letters to the fans.

The hashtag of each member’s feature on the social media and the number of likes which indicates the date of SEVENTEEN’s debut added fun to the fans.

Moreover, the music video has the background of beautiful Jeju island.

The fans that watched the music video of ‘Love Letter’ showed various responses such as “Thank you for revealing the music video,” “I like SEVENTEEN so much,” and “I was totally moved by this fan song.”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN is preparing for the repackage album and Asia Tour which will be held in 9 countries.