SEVENTEEN’s Pictorials & Interview With ‘Singles’

Fashion magazine ‘Singles’ revealed the June issue with SEVENTEEN.

It has been a year since SEVENTEEN made debut. They have received rookie awards in Gaon chart, Golden Disc and Seoul Music Awards in 2015. With the first regular album and the new song ‘Pretty U,’ they ranked the 1st place in music program.


They just said they feel like they are ‘busier trainees.’ Minkyu said, “After our schedules, we always practice. When I was a trainee, making debut was my goal. But after I made debut, my next goals are boundless. So I just need to work hard.”

There are 13 members. They have the biggest number of members for a male idol group. They have been all together since they were trainees. Each member has own uniqueness so they don’t worry about being ignored.


Dino said, “We can try many things on the stage. We are singers and dancers at the same time.” S.Coups said, “I sometimes feel uncomfortable. It takes a long time to take shower and there are many members so we eat a lot. But it’s familiar since we have been together for a long time.” They were laughing about themselves but when asked about the performance of the new song ‘Pretty U,’ they became serious.

Hoshi said, “We thought about how we could make each member’s character all stand out and adopted a musical component of genre called ‘Dancecal.’ We added members’ facial expression into dynamic movements.”


SEVENTEEN members all had close relationship with each other and it has been 4 years since they started to live together.

When they were asked a question, each member answered and when a member was hesitant to answer a question, other members helped him.

It was evident they really cared for each other.

Unique idol group SEVENTEEN’s pictorials and interview can be found in June issue of ‘Singles’ and ‘Singles’ mobile.