BTS & KNK Are Special Friends

BTS Jin & KNK Park Seung Jun
BTS Jin / KNK Park Seung Jun

BTS and KNK are close friends.

KNK’s member Park Seung Jun posted a photo with BTS Jin on their official SNS on February 29. Especially, Jin and J-Hope visited KNK’s debut showcase on February 29.

In KNK and BTS’s official SNS, friendly photo and comment received good responses from the fans. “Thank you for coming. I love you,” and “Seungjun, cheer up for today’s debut showcase. Feel thankful to me, I don’t usually do this.”

Park Seung Jun said in the showcase, “I am very close with BTS seniors because we practiced together since we were young.”

KNK’s agency said, “Park Seung Jun became close friend with BTS before the debut, because they spent time together when they were trainees. Despite busy schedules, Jin and J-Hope visited the showcase and cheered him up. KNK members got more energy thanks to BTS’s cheers.”

KNK is rookie group with masculine and attractive visuals and splendid performances. They will release debut album through various music sites at noon of March 3.