Kang Dong Won Became YG Man

Kang Dong Won
Kang Dong Won

Actor Kang Dong Won made exclusive contract with YG Entertainment.

He informed his new start in the agency YG at the afternoon of January 18th which is his birthday. At 2pm of this day, YG Entertainment posted an image on YG official blog celebrating Kang Dong Won’s birthday and coming to YG.

The background behind Kang Dong Won who became one of the best blue chips since the beginning of the year chose YG as the new agency is his trust and share of vision for the future with the YG representative Yang Hyun-suk.

Kang Dong Won and Yang Hyun-suk are famous for their thoughtfulness. They shared deep talk and had same idea for the goal of ‘Expanding to global market with the good contents of Korean movies based on Asia.’

The representative Yang Hyun-suk will make ‘Kang Dong Won exclusive team’ separately and actively support for his activities and expanding abroad.

Kang Dong Won said about the reason that he chose YG “I have thought the representative Yang Hyun-suk as the exclusive creative director of Korean public art. I have high anticipation for global network based on Asia with the representative’s sense and progressiveness.”

That’s how Kang Dong Won became YG’s new family with PSY, BIGBANG, Cha Seung-won and Choi Ji-woo.

On February 3rd, Kang Dong Won’s movie ‘A Violent Prosecutor’ with Hwang Jeong-min will be released. Moreover, fantasy romantic movie ‘Hidden time’ will be released soon. In addition, he will take film with Lee Byung-hun and Kim Woo-bin in the movie ‘Master.’