2PM Junho’s Standing Alone

2PM - Junho (Last Night In Seoul) (1) 2PM - Junho (Last Night In Seoul) (2)

2PM‘s Junho showed his existence, opening his solo concert.

He made the fans go wild by broadcasting his back stage scenes and opening of the concert ‘LAST NIGHT IN SEOUL‘ through V app on the 20th.

Wooyoung, who was the MC attacked back stage, filming Junho who was preparing for the concert.

Also, the two people talked about the concert. Junho said, “Although I released three solo albums in Japan, this is the first time in Korea so the songs were not recorded in Korean. Due to the difficult schedule, I could not sleep much.”

He added, “I modified the lyrics, recorded all night, and went for my schedule”. “My body was exhausted, but I felt good with the mind that I can have my own concert.”

In the concert, Junho’s career could be seen in the stages. With the powerful rock opening of ‘PRESSURE‘, he made the fans go wild with his mannish charm.

Moreover, with his sexiness, his perfect performance proved his effort in preparing the concert.

Meanwhile, actively working with his first solo album ‘ONE’, which he released on the 20th. The songs he wrote and composed in Japan are included in the album.