Interview With Block B BASTARZ (2)


Q. Why Block B BASTARZ is comprised of B-Bomb, U-Kwon and P.O?
B-Bomb: We three was a good combination that can show powerful concept of Block B BASTARZ.
U-Kwon: We wanted something sexier than Block B. If Park Kyung and Taeil are troublemakers, we three are evil kids. (Laughter) I think we just fit Block B BASTARZ.

Q. Yookwon’s lip makeup in ‘Make It Rain’ performance was impressive.
U-Kwon: I tried various styling this time. I put strong makeup and wanted to emphasize my lips. Many asked me about the lipstick.

Q. P.O’s hairstyle was impressive.
P.O: The owner of hair salon recommended this style. People say that I look like a character from cartoon. (Laughter)
U-Kwon: Fans say that he looks like broccoli.
P.O: I even heard that I look like Na Mun Hee. I like her very much.


Q. What’s good about being in a unit?
P.O: The best thing is that it doesn’t take long to come back.
B-Bomb: Less working hours.
U-Kwon: We three get ready in one hour and half. But when we are with all Block B members, it takes more than three hours. Since we get ready fast, we can have meals. Moreover, the waiting room is no longer crowded. It was so nice.

Q. You would meet many idol groups in music programs. Is there any particular group that you think is great these days?
P.O: Last year, when WINNER came back, I thought their title song was cool. It was somewhat different from other idol groups’. They were special.
U-Kwon: He asked about ‘these days.’
P.O: Oh! B-Bomb likes TWICE.
B-Bomb: They are cute and pretty. I like all of them.
U-Kwon: EXO-CBX was also impressive. Their dance is fun, too. Recently, we shared the waiting room in KBS ‘Music Bank.’ We are not close, but talked with each other. I’m also singing their songs, too. (Laughter)

Q. Is there something you have improved this time?
P.O: B-Bomb got more handsome. (Laughter) U-Kwon became sexier after Mnet ‘Hit The Stage.’
B-Bomb: P.O’s dancing got better.
U-Kwon: After ‘Hit The Stage,’ our choreography got more difficult. (Laughter) I also asked P.O to work harder than before. Even before the comeback, P.O practiced dancing. He got much better.

Q.U-Kwon got more confident through ‘Hit The Stage.’
U-Kwon: I got to be more confident. But my ranking on the searching engine is still low. (Everyone laughs) I need to work harder.


Q. Do you often do online monitoring?
U-Kwon: I sometimes look up comments for our performance videos, members and our group. Fans always say, “U-Kwon was cute.” (Laughter)
P.O: B-Bomb searches for his name fifty times a day.
B-Bomb: We all do it.
U-Kwon: We get feedback from it.

Q. Which comment did you like the most?
U-Kwon: “That team is the most powerful one.” “That team is somewhat different from others.” These two are most memorable.
B-Bomb: I like comments from men.

Q. Are you planning to make appearance in entertainment shows?
U-Kwon: I want to. P.O and I make appearance in On Style’s ‘Lipstick Prince.’ I wonder why they cast us. (Laughter)

Q. Do you want to do something else besides singing?
P.O: I’m acting with my high school friends. In February, I made appearance in a small play. If I have a chance, I also want to make appearance in dramas and movies.
U-Kwon: I want to do musicals. I like acting, singing and dancing. Musicals are also live shows. I still remember lines from my first musical ‘All Shook Up.’ I want to make appearance once again.
B-Bomb: I’m also getting acting lessons. I will make appearance in some dramas later.

Q. What do you want to be called?
B-Bomb: “A cool group.”
P.O: A group that boys love, like One Time.
U-Kwon: I want us to be a memorable group.

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